• Focalization


    Kew Gardens, London

  • Rhythm


    Villa Taranto, Italy

  • Simplicity


    Queenstown Park, NZ

  • Radial Symmetry

    Radial Symmetry

    Christchurch, NZ

  • Transition


    Dunedin Botanical Garden, NZ

  • Unity


    Royal Botanical Garden, Scotland

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Hi, I’m John Longhill, the author of “How to design a garden – Like a Landscape Architect”. .  . a system that has helped me serve over 1000 clients and design gardens all over the U.S. I absolutely love being a landscape architect because it truly is a wonderful profession. I actually get paid to make things more beautiful! I get paid for being creative and I get paid to make people happy by designing more gardens! So, whether you are a landscape architect looking for a better way to design gardens or a landscape designer wanting to benefit from a landscape architects life experience, this program is for you!

This is a process that I have developed over 40 years through trial and error for sure, but more importantly through immersing myself in a greater understanding of the mind and the creative process itself. This has led me to the conclusion that - This is to good a process not to share! So here it is! 

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