Juliana M., Breckenridge Colorado

I met John at the Summit County Home & Garden Show. He was easy to talk to and very easy-going; a good quality for a landscape architect. I chose him as my landscape architect for all of my clients, because he seemed very easy to work with and seemed to have a passion for garden design. His talents were extremely beneficial to me because his designs are not only lovely to look at, but easy to install as well. My clients are always pleased with the results, they love the gardens he designs. He rates a 10 on a scale of 10 and I hope to keep working with him for years to come. I won a 2009 ALCC Excellence in Landscape Award for his design on the Susan Propper residence in Breckenridge.

Rolf and Joanie S., Big Canoe, Georgia

Wiggins/Soderberg Residences

We hired John because he was personable and enthusiastic. He was able to look at what we thought was a hopeless landscaping situation and envision something we were unable to see. He was even enthusiastic about our proliferation of huge rocks.

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Dixie A., Silverthorne, Colorado

Agnew Residence

We found out about John through his regular column he writes for the Summit Daily News. When we called he was prompt in responding and came across as very professional. John conveyed profound knowledge and enthusiasm about his work.I like the way he presented a vision for the whole project. He went beyond the limits of my specific needs in the short term and conveyed how the project could be completed in phases. John was delightful to work with and I appreciate his knowledge, experience and willingness to go the extra mile to answer my questions. I would absolutely use his services again. 

Phil C., Big Canoe, Georgia

Carlock Residence

I heard about John because he had designed the original landscape and hardscape for the previous owner of our home, and we liked what was in place and we wanted to add more. John’s services were beneficial to us because he had a good sense of what we wanted to accomplish and had the ability to both design and manage the implementation of his design. I feel very good about my experience with John and would recommend him highly. He was conscious of our needs and worked well with our budget.

Sue and Howard C., Silverthorne, Colorado

Carver Residence

I first heard about John through an article in the Summit Daily News and liked what I read. After we met with him and seeing his drawings, I knew he would handle our project well. I very much appreciated his expertise and design ability, especially his understanding of our unique mountain landscape needs.

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